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A forest in the heart of Athens

Thanks its use of PIETRANATURAL natural stone, RASTONE has left its mark on this exclusive boutique belonging to Ileana Makri: one of the most important jewellery designers in Greece and internationally.

The design and achievement of this store in the heart of Athens is the result of careful analysis of the sources of inspiration and passion behind this designer's creativity. Her works are quite unique and mysterious, with unmistakable details such as her skill in playing with light and intriguing geometric lines.

A space capable of giving visitors a thoroughly memorable, quite unexpected experience was needed to host such precious creations. A space where visitors could explore things in total freedom, as though wandering through a forest where they could absorb Ileana Makri's creative soul. A natural environment where PIETRANATURAL natural stone is the obvious choice.

The exterior façade of the boutique is dominated by two windows set in two majestic and elegant PIETRANATURAL window surrounds that extend outwards. Between these is the entrance to the store, clad in black oak, a material that recalls the guiding concept for this project: the forest. The result is a monolithic structure in perfect harmony with the stone cladding.

On entering the store, visitors find elegant metal and glass display units that somehow manage to resemble trees. Their 'branches' act as supports for the artist's inimitable works.

A stairway entirely clad in PIETRANATURAL natural stone can be seen through one of the windows, creating a sense of elegance and prestige as the visitors enters, step by step, into this exclusive jewellery workshop.

The unique grain of PIETRANATURAL unites the interior and exterior to produce perfect creative harmony in this fantastic natural-feeling environment. The perfect designer boutique to show off Ileana Makri's works of art.

Designers: Kois Associated Architects

Project type: Jewelry Boutique
Location: Athens, Greece
Year: 2014

Materials: Ceppo di Grè (grey conglomorate), Basaltina (basalt igneous rock)
Services provided: technical advice and supply
Intervention: flooring, cladding and inside stairs


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