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Banca Profilo: adding new value to history

RASTONE and its PIETRANATURAL natural stone have played major roles in the exemplary restyling and development of the Banca Profilo head offices in the historical mid 17th century palace that still bears the name of the noble Visconti di Modrone family of Milan.

Located in via Cerva, right in the centre of the city, five storeys now house the offices, while two basement levels are mainly used for parking, archives and building services.

Both the main entrances are reached by crossing an open area: one, the paved courtyard; the other, the garden. This makes the palace somewhat detached from the surrounding buildings, creating a welcoming, yet private atmosphere. The garden and courtyard are not valued just for their practical functions, but also for their 'presence'. Open spaces that set the tone for the entire complex.

The proposed design solution, now delivered, has enhanced the value of these open spaces, with additional green spaces at various levels throughout the building to offer the bank's customers more privacy and comfort.

The aim of the entire intervention was to conserve the architectural splendour of the building by altering its consolidated image as little as possible.

Small changes have been introduced to the fa├žade, enhancing the architectural image while also catering for modern functional needs and guaranteeing an essential style. All this without drawing attention to the new additions thanks to subtle forms and materials.

In fact, by using non invasive solutions and technologies, the unique quality of space and place of Palazzo Castelli Visconti di Modrone remains intact. Visitors can enjoy the same unique and special welcoming atmosphere as before.

Designers: quattroassociati

Project type:
renovation of a historical building
Milano, via Cerva 28

Bianco Perlino (off-white limestone), Pietra del Cardoso (grey sandstone), Rosa Baveno (pink granite)
Services provided:
technical advice, surveys and supply
flooring and paving, interior and exterior cladding, interior stairways


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