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A refined residence on the shores of Garda lake

With the marbles of Pietranatural collection, Rastone puts its signature on an elegant villa on the Brescia side of Garda lake.

The idea behind project was combining colors, shapes and lights of the environment together with the interior design, every detail was designed with the utmost attention.

A private residence facing the shores of the biggest Italian lake, where modern style and refined atmosphere meet each other to create comfortable and peaceful areas.

From furnishings to finishes, everything was carefully selected giving continuity to the natural area in which the villa is, choosing details that are consistent with the lake landscape.

Marble is the great actor in the villa, its light and splendor create lights conveying the idea of peace and tranquility conceived by the architect during the construction phase.

This metamorphic rock, with its colors and veins, was chosen in strategic points, able to make the most of any environment.

There are three types of marble chosen: Amazonite marble characterized by a very particular aqua green color, marquina marble, one of the most appreciated natural stones in the world and pink Portuguese marble extracted from the very ancient quarries located in Estremoz.

Architect: Arch. Monica Russo - Studio Laboratorio5

Type: private villa
Location: Garda lake, Italy

Material: marble
Services: technical consultancy, pre-installation and installation
Work: interior finishes, bathroom cladding

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