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Ristorante Lino: an unique gastronomic journey in a suggestive place

By lying Pietranatural Rastone got a part in realising  fine finishes in “Ristorante Lino”, 1 Michelin star, placed in Piazza del Lino, in the heart of Pavia historical center. 

The attention for every detail is expressed by interior design, carefully planned with the best finishes, to the culinary experience led by Valerio Tafuri together with Chef Andrea Ribaldone. A real gastronomic journey in a unique place

In the restaurant of the Michelin Guide, that since 1956 has awarded the most desired prize by the chefs from all over the world, also interior design plays an important role. 

Cooking as design is made of research, creativity and study of the most refined solutions, stylistic feature also by “Ristorante Lino”.

The project left nothing to chance. The choice of materials stand out among finishes and furniture, in particular the bright marble, unique actor in every corner, from kitchen to eating rooms. 

Rivestimento in marmo Rosso Levanto
Ristorante Lino: marmo Bianco di Carrara

Elegant and refined, marble was chosen for its versatility, as shown by the choice of this finish in interior spaces. 

Thanks to its resistance to abrasion, wear and high temperatures, white Carrara marble, a natural stone with a fine and compact grain, is suitable for the counter, designed cut to size for the needs of chefs. 

The intensity of Rosso Levanto marble chosen for the portals, where red of hematite is bound to white vein, is perfect together with the black details of furniture and floor. 

Portali in marmo rosso levanto Rastone ristorante Lino - 1 stella michelin Rastone bancone dettaglio - rivestimento in marmo bianco di Carrara

​​Architect: Arch. Derudi Andrea

Place: ristorante
Location: Ristorante Lino, Pavia, Italia
Materials: Rosso Levanto and White Carrara marble

Services: technical consultant, pre-lying, supplyng and lying 
Type of work: portals and counter.

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