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A mix of conservation and contemporary design

Renovation of a historic residential building in the heart of old Milan, plus interior design using materials, light and furnishing to breathe new life into this timeless, historic building to safeguard memories and showcase contemporary design.

A renovation project, resulting in large white rooms with high corniced ceilings thanks to careful structural interventions and restoration of the original windows and doors.

White is the leitmotiv. This colour is used for various elements and materials, on the walls and ceilings. This colour cleverly offsets the rich ARABESCATO OROBICO natural stone flooring with its many intriguing grey and pink coloured veining. This marble has been quarried for more than a century in the highest reaches of the Valle Brembana in the province of Bergamo

The new interior doors are reproductions of the original doors. Wood panelling and surroundings enhance the space thanks to the quality of the work by top class master carpenters.

As Mies van der Rohe and Adolf Loos say, “less is more”. They believe that the project is only finished when there is nothing more to add, yet there is nothing more one can take away either.

All the structural work, lighting and bespoke furniture and fittings are the result of careful, painstaking design, the goal being to combine a concept with beauty and practicality. Great care has been taken over each detail to avoid all excess and showiness. As is the case with any residential project, this has been an act of love by unassuming experts: the need to foresee normal domestic activities, to prepare the scene and to furnish spaces suitable for daily life and intimacy. Areas dedicated to certain functions, such as laying the table or embracing. Every interior design project is enhanced by the people within, each experiencing life in their own way – loves, regrets and all. The technical aspects must take a back seat. Colours and materials should prevail, confirming that life and love are the mainstays of the building.

Designers: Massimiliano Gamba

Project type: private dwelling
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2017

Materials: Arabescato Grigio Rosa (grey/pink marble)
Services provided: technical advice and supply
Intervention: customised flooring

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