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The manufactured ecological stone for external walls of rustic residences

For over twenty years Rastone realizes with care, professionality and passion real masonry works with Pietraeco manufactured ecological stone, giving a detailed service in every design phase, with a special consideration to and environmental and energy sustainability.

For the realization of external walls in manufactured ecological stone of this rustic residence, in cooperation with an architect it was defined colors, forms and type of joint in order to recreate the perfect and unique natural stones typical of the area.

The skillful and careful study of the project leads to the Pietraeco manufactured ecological stone type Atlas, 80% color sabbia and remaining 20% color perla and oliva.

Each PietraEco present on the external walls of this residence is unrepeatable, just like a natural stone, able of making the project stylistically unique

Pietra artificiale ecologica
Pietra artificiale ecologica

The type of joint is dry joint or retouch. Professional layers, thanks to their skills, placed every stone in the best way, one near the other.

To complete the work in the small empty spaces among the stones there are the irregular smartstones, little precious stones that are the new solution by Rastone, to quicken, simplify and give harmony to the dry joint laying.

The manufactured ecological stone by Rastone is light and breathable, perfect for thermal insulation, good to keep warm during the coldest months and to keep fresh during the muggy summer days.

Pietra artificiale ecologica


Pietra artificiale ecologica color sabbia


Pietra artificiale ecologica color perla


Pietra artificiale ecologica color oliva

Type of work: coating external walls
Location: Verona

Modell: manufactured ecological stone type Atlas
Colors: 80% sabbia, 10% perla, 10% oliva
Services: coating on thermal insulation of external walls and supply

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