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The reconstructed stone blends perfectly with the Alpine context

The small Alpine town of Kitzbühel lies in Eastern Tyrol

The streets of the village, dating back to the medieval period, create a perfect contrast with the modern style of new buildings enhancing every details.

Rastone put its signature on the walls of this elegant and refined building, where stone wood and water blend to enhance the mountain landscape that characterize the area.

The water mirror of the panoramic swimming pool reflects light in the walls, realized with reconstructed stone, adorning the whole building.

PietraEco is the leading actor of these luxury apartments.

reconstructed stone
reconstructed stone

After a complete evaluation of the whole project, it was defined model Masso in Antracite color.

The cold tones marry in an excellent way with the warm colors of the wooden details, ideal to adorn the naturalistic context of the area.

reconstructed stone

The added value is given by the grouting with gross grain effect, which gives a rustic and old look as mountain walls area.

This aesthetic results is possible thanks to Ecostucco, a grout that is part of Rastone integrated system for reconstructed stones.

reconstructed stone reconstructed stone reconstructed stone

PietraEco is made with the best raw material on the market such as Portland cement, quarry aggregates, stones and colored mineral oxides.

Rastone reconstructed stone is perfect in every context, also in Alpine locations as this one because it is frost-proof, that is to say it is frost tested and proofed in different climatic conditions.

Type of work: external walls cladding
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria

Model: Masso - PIETRAECO 
Color: Antracite
Service: technical and aesthetic assistance, material supply and laying.

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