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Rastone manufactured stone: the rustic style that enhances the most moder architectural lines.

With Rastone the rustic style of PIETRAECO manufactured stone blends perfectly with the clean lines of the modern architectural style.

Each project is born after a careful analysis of all the aspects that enhance the construction in its entirety.

For this residence, the most suitable color mixture of PIETRAECO manufactured stone have been studied and selected, with the aim of enhancing and accentuating the visual contrast created by the union between modern and rustic style. In this way an outdoor environment has been created in which elegance and refinement become essential elements

PIETRAECO manufactured stone cladding is certainly the best solution to enhance the exterior of the home, if you want a house with personality and unique style.

The manufatured stone masso sabbia is the absolute protagonist of the exterior of the ground floor of this modern villa. The light and bright color enhances the large windows making the interior spaces full of natural.

pietra ricostruita esterni PietraEco Rastone

In year 2020 living in a modern house means living in an ecological and sustainable home.

For the design of this villa all the materials were carefully chosen, preferring those that guarantee eco-sustainability.

Wih this in mind PIETRAECO manufactured stone was used as a coating on the thermal insulation.

Choosing PIETRAECO manufactured stone means paying attention to qualty, professionality and attention for every detail, which have always been Rastone’s guiding values.

Rastone followed every stp of the project from the choice of materials to installation.

pietra ricostruita esterni PietraEco Rastone
pietra ricostruita esterni PietraEco Rastone

Type of work: coating on thermal insulation of external walls
Location: private
Modell: Pietre squadrate masso
Color: sabbia

Tecnique: dry laying
Services: technical consultancy from the architect and installation on thermal insulation

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