Unique shine

The word “marble” comes from the Ancient Greek word màrmaron, meaning “shining stone”. A metamorphic rock, mostly consisting of calcium carbonate, it has the special quality of being able to bring beauty and exceptional elegance to any environment. Its colours and sophisticated veins are the result of inclusions, mineral impurities, such as clay, sand or ferrous oxide. These make marble the ideal material to give prestige and a unique appearance to interiors. Marble can be used to create elegant flooring in the lounge or classy cladding in the bathroom.

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The force of Nature

The word “granite” comes from the Latin word granum due to its typical granulate structure thanks to inclusions of igneous rock. In fact, granite is the result of a slow cooling down of magma at a depth of between 1.5 and 50 km below the surface of the earth. This process makes it extremely hard and solid. Granite is weather resistant and even withstands acid attack. This makes it one of the most prestige materials for construction purposes. Granite cladding gives a sense of solidity, while granite flooring is hard-wearing and exclusive, while granite kitchen tops are simply splendid.

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Timeless beauty

In our sector, a “stone” is a rock that cannot be polished. Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are all classed as stone, the result of the cementation of previously eroded rocks, such as clays, slates or tuff rocks. Coming in a variety of shades, both variegated and plain, stone is extremely easy to work and shape, and has been used by man over the centuries to give a classic feel to interiors and exteriors alike.

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Furnish with magnificence

Onyx comes from the Ancient Greek onyks on account of its appearance making one think of a “fingernail”. An igneous rock composed of quartz, its coloured bands attract the gaze. Available in a wide range of different shades. Each slab of onyx is unique: different colours, tones and veins resulting in an always fascinating appearance. Ideal for magnificent interior decor, especially if backlit for a truly exclusive look.

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Semi-precious stones

Studded with absolute value

Semi-precious stone slabs contain are studded with rare, transparent, brilliantly coloured gems for a unique, inimitable look. Quartz, amethyst, agate, tiger's eye and jasper are just some of the gems that are combined to form large slabs of amazing value. Their different colours and forms make each slab truly unique. The value of these slabs lies not just in the raw materials, but also the technology and techniques used to create them. Semi-precious stones for prestigious projects: customised walls, table tops or fireplaces.

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