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Elegant Villa "SW" - Harmony blend with irregularity

We are in the Bellagio, known for its paved streets and elegant buildings overlooking Lake Como, characterized by typical natural morphological irregularities.

Villa "SW" is completely in the green of the surrounding natural landscape.

PietraEco applied to the lines of Villa SW was chosen because it faithfully reproduces the characteristic local stones.

The frame of the lake contrasts with the regularity of the lines of the pool outside the villa. The majesty of the surrounding mountains is celebrated by the Irregular Stone Rupe Cenere, applied to the external walls, able of surprising at every glance. The harmony of the building and the irregularity of the natural context merge each other.

elegante villa pietra ricostruita
villa di lusso in pietra ricomposta

Our work on the exterior of the villa has given naturalness to an elegant and formal structure. The reduced weight and green soul are the heart of PietraEco, the ecological reconstructed stone, produced without extractions.

interni in pietra ricostruita PietraEco Rastone
pietra ricomposta esterni ecologica PietraEco Rastone pietra ricostruita per esterni PietraEco Rastone muro esterno in pietra ricostruita PietraEco Rastone

The application of PietraEco finds ample space in projects with a low impact on the environment that include the possibility of applying decorative layers of stone on the external insulating cladding.

The villa was designed by architect Marco Castelletti, whose works have been published in numerous trade magazines and in 2008 in the prestigious book by Phaidon Press " Atlante Mondiale dell’architettura del 21 secolo".

pietra ricomposta per case di lusso PietraEco Rastone
muro esterno in pietra ricostruita PietraEco Rastone muro esterno con pietra ricomposta PietraEco Rastone finta pietra per case di lusso PietraEco Rastone

In this project all Rastone's workings have been "cut to size". Villa SW is the result of a work that finds in the attention to details the way to achieve the best possible result. From the technical consultancy, to the surveys carried out, to the supply of materials and the final installation, everything was made with scrupulous attention to every aspect.

Type: Villa "SW"
Location: Bellagio, CO

Materials: pietra irregolare PIETRAECO
Color: rupe cenere - dry stacked
Services provided:external wall cladding

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