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The unmistakable of of manufactured bricks

Rastone places its inimitable signature on internal walls of this modern tavern, where thanks to a carefully study and listening of the customer needs, it was chosen the reconstructed brick model Brico Ferrara color red. 

Rastone has a wide range of models and colors of manufactured bricks, each with flats and corners pieces, produced in many molds, different among them in forms and thickness. 

Each manufactured stone by Rastone is unique and inimitable, made by the expert artisan hands and laid by professional layers, able to create stilistically and aesthetically perfect walls.  

Manufactured bricks by Rastone, model Brico Ferrara color red, lighted by lamps that cast vertical beams of light, are able to create a family atmosphere with a unique warmness.

Manufactured bricks by Rastone has the same charm of natural bricks, indeed each quality is enhanced and each defect is cancelled. 

Mattoni ricostruiti
Mattoni ricostruiti

Manufactured bricks are perfect for internal spaces, because they are not only a decoration but a real piece of furniture for every type of house, rustic and modern, and are able to give value to architectural and design details in every space. 

Rastone has the maximum attention in each process of realization of internals walls with its PietraEco manufactured stones and bricks, starting from a first feasibility study to the last laying Mattoni ricostruiti

Mattoni ricostruiti

Type of work: cladding of details of internal walls 
Location: private
Model: Brico Ferrara
Colori: rosso
Services: technical and aesthetical assistance, supply and laying 

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