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RASTONE and the other authentic natural stones make a network

RASTONE, strong of his 90 years experience in the workmanship of the natural stones, joined the " Authentic Natural Stone "group, a net of enterprises built for the Promotion, Defense and Guardianship of the Stone Products Authentically natural.

A Net, legally constituted and independent, that represents the answer given by Confindustria Marmomacchine to the several appeals emerged during the time, both from Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

The market required a strong campaign of communication on the stone products authentically natural, to protect the offer of the manufacturers but also and mainly the request of quality from the final customers.

That's why RASTONE decided, through its exclusive offer of cladding and flooring in Natural Stone “PIETRANATURAL”, to be active part of this important project that offers to all marble actors the opportunity to reconfirm the distinctive values of the stone products authentically natural.

Visit rete pietranaturale autentica.

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